Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Little Bit of This… A Little Bit of That

Shesh. Time sure does fly! So many layouts to share and so little time. Ok lets start with The Scrapbook Site contest. We are now in the final week and I’m still working on my final layout. For week 4, our focus was to use only products from Piggy Tales with a hint of pink or brown. Here is my layout.

For week 5, our focus was to use only products from Sassafras Lass with some bling accents. I definitely had fun blinging out my layout.

The Scrapdango contest is also drawing to a close. I finished my final round layout and to my surprise, I actually like how it turned out even though we had some steep requirements this round.

Here is a recap on the other weeks of this contest since I never got around to posting any of them. I’ll go in reverse order. In week 3 we were tasked with doing a 2 page layout. It’s been FOREVER since I’ve done one and I had the hardest time coming up with an idea.

In week 2, we had to do a layout based on a sketch and then as a bonus, to do a layout based on your own sketch. Here is the original sketch by Angie, along with my take on it.

Here is my sketch, along with my take on it.

For week 1, we had to a do a layout about girls having fun. I’ve had these pictures for years and I’m glad I finally found a use for them.

In other news, I’m also in a Summer of ScrapLoving contest over at ScrapLove. We are now in week 3 and man have these challenges been challenging! For week 1, we had a do draw inspiration from a mosaic that was provided. I ended up feeling inspired by the ocean pictures so I did a layout of my daughter playing with water. The coolest part of this contest is that each week they have a celebrity judge pick their top 3 favorites for the week. Can you believe it! My layout got third choice by Amy Tan!!! I was in cloud nine when I saw that!

For week 2, we had to create a layout using 3 non-scrappy items. Another challenging task but I went with the flow and love how it came out.

I'm currently working on week 3 so look for that layout soon!

Well that’s it for this time. Cya laters!

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Jana said...

You really rocked these layouts! Fabulous job!!! :)